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  • Product name: GYE GMP Vacuum emulsifying mixer

GYE GMP Vacuum emulsifying mixer

  • Product description:
Vacuum emulsifyin mixer means materials in a vacuum condition subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear,centrifugal squeezing,liquid layer friction,tearing,impacting,turbulence and other synthetic actions in a narrow clearance between stator and rotor,meanwhile combined with mature processes and suitable additives,immiscible soild,liquid and gas phases can be dispersed and emulsified instantly,high frequency circulations will finally result in high quality and consant end products.
  • Vacuum emulisyfing mixer structure:
GYE Vacuum emulsifying mixer composed of emulsifying pot,oil&water pot,vacuum system,hydraulic lifting system(optional),PLC touch sreen or electric button system,operation platform,etc.
  • Features&Proformance.


  •   Customized designed product in different types.Homogenization includes upper homogenization&bottom homogenization&internal and external circulation homogenization.Mixing process includes single-direction mixing,double-motion type counter-rotatory with PTFE scraper mixing,spiral type mixing,etc.Lifting system includes single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting.All of these are customized according customers' requirements.
  •     The triple mixing adopts imported brand converter for speed adjustment,can meet different process demands.
  •   Homogenzation process adopts German homogenzation technology,max homogenzation speed can reach 4200RPM,the shearing fineness is around 0.2~5µm.
  •   The vacuum suction and vacuum defoam technology help us to get a sterile and unbubbles creamy products.
  •   Mixer are 3-layers stainless steel plate designed,all material contact parts are SS316L,mixer internal and external are mirror polishing,which  fully meets the GPM Standards.
  •   For different process techology,material can be heated by electric or steam,cooled by tap water.
  •   Imported brand parts ensure machine a high stable working proformance,it totally meet the international standards.
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